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We build and maintain our own high quality apps.


Hanover is a one-stop cultural exchange solution. A single web based solution that facilitates the placement of participants into employment with host businesses.

It’s used daily by many of the world’s biggest placement agencies and in turn the thousands of job applicants and employers that sit either side of their recruitment process.

Key Features
Powerful Custom Search
Communication Logs
Fully Compliant and Secure
Custom User Journey
Partner Functionality
3rd Party Integration
Full Employer Access

The Hub is an inward facing social network that allows businesses or organisations to create a standalone and secure online community and thriving communications platform.

With the an intelligent dashboard users are delivered content relevant to them and their position or role within their organisation. The Hub has been applied as an intranet, a platform to connect remote workers and in one case a burgeoning social network with over 100,000 users.

Key Features
Direct Messages
Personal Profiles
Appreciate and Comment
Post Content and Media
Content Groups
Mobile Friendly
Admin & Moderators
Sticky Posts
Custom Branding

ForestPage is Cleversteam's own Content Management System that gives full control over all aspects of content on their site via an easy to use administration panel. ForestPage powers over 150 bespoke websites that we have developed.

With more than six years in development the system acts as a solid foundation for us to roll our beautiful front facing websites. From single page gateway websites to multi-lingual content sites ForestPage serves millions of unique visitors each year.

Key Features
Content Management
SEO Friendly
User Friendly
Highly Customisable
Template Management