Camp Leaders

Providing the 'American Dream' to students all around the world

Sending thousands young people to the United States every year, Camp Leaders is a business with a huge positive global impact. We’ve being working with them as their digital partners since our agency first opened it’s doors; solely creating their latest brand, frontend website and backend application system.

Standing out against the crowd

In the highly competitive camp industry Camp Leaders wanted a brand that would help them be memorable in the minds of their target audience.

When we began to work with them back in 2009 they already had a logo which we felt had a great concept but could be tightened up and made to work better in multiple formats. We took there distinct wave logo based on themes from the American flag (stars and stripes) reduced the colours, refined the vectors and produced a mark that is today recognisable in many countries around the globe.

We then choose a blue which stood out against the colours of the already established summer camp companies and became a way for us to clearly brand materials and platforms without always having to use their logo.

Refreshing a global online presence

Over the years we’ve built and maintained the front end websites. In 2015 with the new emerging technologies, a huge shift towards mobile and user experience Camp Leaders felt it was time refresh their current website.

Spending a summer in America at camp is a huge decision for most camp first timers, while they’re very excited about the prospect of spending 3 months living the American Dream there’s plenty of unknowns.

With this in mind when we focused on how we could guide the user step by step through all the information they’d need (and want) before asking them to sign up. We achieved this by spending a lot of time earlier focusing on Information Architecture and User Flows. With a clear site structure we then made sure at the end of the each step there was a clear call action to the next step in the journey.

Going mobile

From the early 2010s to now Camp Leaders saw a huge increase in the amount of mobile visitors to their main website with around 50% of all traffic now being mobile.

While the 2012 - 2014 version of the Camp Leaders website was responsive it was done retrospectively meaning we couldn’t the deliver the refined mobile experience the brand deserved or we wanted to.

In our latest build we opted for a truly integrated responsive web design (RWD) approach making sure the website was accessible and easy to use across multiple platforms, whether that be on mobile, ipad, desktop.

Going global

Camp Leaders have a worldwide audience. The new website not only needed to work here in the UK but adapt and work well in the 10 other countries where they operate, and be flexible enough to work for future markets they may choose to enter. This meant building templates that could deal well with different languages and lots of variation in content style and length.

Powering the process

In order to send their participants to America Camp Leaders needed a business system that could manage applications and placements.

We created a fully integrated information management system that comprises of CRM and CMS features alongside support for making online payments, processing visa applications and flight booking. The system allows users to register and complete a detailed application process. This is tailored to where they are from and what type of job they are applying for. On the flip side, summer camps in the USA can also have accounts on the system allowing them to search the catalogue of staff to find their ideal employee.

With their industry growing ever competitive and more digitally savvy by the year we’re always working in partnership with Camp Leaders, iterating on the front-end, back-end and marketing channels. We’re always looking at how we can provide innovation solutions that help keep them at the cutting edge and as a market leader.  


Digital Strategy, Branding, Front-end Development, CRM Development, Analytics
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