Roy Castle

Biggest the UK's biggest cancer killer - together

Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation is a charity focused on beating the UK’s biggest cancer killer - lung cancer. They help tackle many important aspects of lung cancer including cure research, providing information and caring for patients.

Beating the UK's biggest cancer killer

In 2014 Roy Castle felt that their current website was feeling cluttered, difficult to use and was hindering the foundation's ability to engage with it’s community.

Together Cleversteam and Roy Castle created a new website that better presented the vital information the Foundation provides as well as helping to drive awareness about research and funding.

With a vast amount of content that patients and carers rely on the information architecture stage of the project was hugely important and came with a lot of responsibility. Through content workshops we worked together with the Roy Castle marketing team to create an intuitive sitemap and informational heirachy.   

Awareness content on any device

A key area of Roy Castle front end rebuild was to bring their website into the responsive era - their current offering was static and proved difficult for it’s audience to navigate on use across devices. With our new build we create a site using responsive web design techniques to make it accessible across all desktop, tablet and mobile.

With ever growing spotlight and pressure on charities for transparency letting people know where they’re money is going and how it will be used is key feature in both driving donations and being open with their audience. To do this we built a simple to use donation system where each amount clearly identifies what Roy Castle can achieve with the amount donated. For each we used images to help bring realism to the process as what Roy Castle does very much touches peoples’ lives. To make the donation experience easier and faster for users visiting with the intent to donate we built a quick donation function on directly on the home page of the site.

Powered by ForestPage

A content heavy site with frequent updates needs powerful and easy to use CMS behind it. For the Roy Castle build we build the front end on top of our in-house ForestPage CMS. Our CMS setup allowed Roy Castle to easily create news, events and campaign content without the need for lots of technical expertise.




Front-end Development, Information Architecture, User Experience