Total Swimming

Teaching Britain's kids to swim like an Olympian

We have worked with Sport and Dance, the company that delivers Total Swimming, Total Gymnastics and Becky Adlington Swimstars since 2010.

We began by branding and creating a relatively small web presence for Total Swimming. Six years on the Sport and Dance suite of companies are a key strategic partner of ours with us still offering the visual identity and front end web services we started with alongside the development of a large bespoke business application known as The Portal for all entities in the group.

Revolutionising Swimming

Founded by Olympic swimmers Steve Parry and Adrian Turner Total Swimmings mission is “Revolutionising Swimming, Changing Lives”. They have a mantra of not just wanting to just teach people how to swim - but also enhancing lifestyles. We have worked with the company over the years as they've enacted out this and grew as a business.

Total Swimming have employed us for our full range of services over the years; web development, design, branding. But it's perhaps the development of the bespoke business application known as The Portal that is the most important piece of work.

Handling The Process

The Portal is a fully fledged booking system that hooks into the public facing websites to allow parents from across the UK to book swimming and gymnastics courses for their children. The system is used by customer service staff, co-ordinators and teachers alike to fully manage all aspects of the business from payments to lesson registers. It is customised to the needs of Total Swimming and the other companies in the group and has evolved in line with their growth.

As a cornerstone of the business the Portal had processed well in excess of 100,000 course bookings and tens of thousands of event bookings. It is used as a business critical piece of software by the entire workforce of Sport and Dance aross the UK on a daily basis.

It has proved to be a robust and sustainable platform that will allow Total Swimming and associated companies the ability to continue to revolutionse lives.


CRM Development, Front-end development, Branding
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