Work and Traveller

Making work & travel possible for everyone

In the Autumn of 2014 Work and Traveller approached us to help them build a brand and website to showcase their unique take on the German Work and Travel industry. We set out to create a fresh identity and an online platform that would rival the well established market leaders.

Helping every traveller individually 

The majority of the German Work and Travel market ‘do it’ themselves. They’re happy to find their own job, sort out the paperwork and book their own transport.

Rather than trying to fight this mindset and try to hard sell the whole market on fully packaged programs Work and Traveller felt they could provide a service that no one else was. They would build a brand that catered for all sides of the market, giving free travel advice and content to anyone that want's it. No strings attached. 

Their mission is to help people work and travel, full stop. Different to most competitors who won’t deal with the community unless they book one of their programs. 

They provide content such as visa information, how to find a job and book the best flights. While also offering packaged programs for those who would rather have the planning taken care of for them. 

Crafting the brand story

When creating the Work and Traveller brand we started out by defining the values, purpose and promise. With such a unique perspective it was important for us to build a brand that helped their values shine through. 

We opted for a friendly and familiar typeface of Proxima Nova backed up by palette of fresh and distinctive colours. Using a grid system we created the Work and Traveller window, a graphic element that framed images to give the viewer a feeling of looking through into another world - a world that they could be part of. Then to add an extra touch of personality and friendliness we created a bespoke set of icons used to help explain the process and ideas behind the company.

Building the platform

With the brand in hand we set to work on bringing it online. Values of trust, honesty and innovation alongside their promise to help every traveller individually naturally translated into a laser focus on UX.

We built the Work and Traveller website to bring the 2 camps of ‘do it yourself’ or ‘do it all for me’ together - on the program packages you can find links to helpful guides and tips, on the content pages you can links to relevant programs. Our aim was to always give the user a choice and put the decision in their hands, but in a way that wasn’t overbearing or controlling. 

Conscious that a lot of the audience for packaged programs are often apprehensive about the process we designed a simple one step booking flow that allowed a user to effortlessly book while being given clear information that reinforces the journey and what the next steps we will be. 

With a solid brand and online presence to back it up Work and Traveller grew from strength to strength in their first full season, smashing nearly every target they set for themselves. As 2016 starts they look to grow even further and faster. 

As it’s still a young business we’re always working to refine their website, iterating on features and running tests, resulting in an ever improving web presence and user experience.  

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